Are we in the throes of a second struggle for independence? 

In the Bible, God cast man in his own image, and has probably regretted the association ever since. More recently it seems as if gods are cast in one man’s image. The Ayodhya NaMoji, looking beatific in pale saffron dhoti-kurta with snowy hair and beard, almost seemed a physical manifestation of the Ramrajya reportedly just begun. At its launch, our temporal purushottam compared the long years of sacrifice for the Janmabhoomi temple with those of the freedom struggle. If He said so, it must be true. All I’d like to do is see how closely Modirajya fits the milestones which led to August 15, 1947.

‘First War of Independence’,1857. The number of sedition cases being filed Left, Left and Left leaves no doubt that today’s rulers need to quell Sepoy Mutiny 2.0. Dangerous disaffection is being spread by tukda-tukda gangs demanding azadi of speech, Urban Naxals demanding social justice, treacherous standups waging covert war against the state of affairs, treasonous Shaheen Bagh matrons … Uprisings must be ruthlessly put down. ‘Goli maro saalon ko!’

Satyagraha by indigo workers, 1907. ‘Post-truth’ by saffron spin doctors.

Jallianwalla Bagh, 1919. We’ve had massacres if you add up communal riots, police firing, atrocities on Dalits and women, even encounter killings. Tagore returned his knighthood in protest against dastardly Dyer; we had Award Wapsi, 2015.

Khilafat movement, 1919-24. No way today’s Congress would join hands with any Muslim League equivalent to create a turning point in the struggle against the prevailing rule.

‘Quit India’, 1942. Now hurled all the time at Muslims, who are obligingly also given the destination. In Hindurajya, where will other minorities be ordered to ‘Go to’. After the suave foreign minister’s recent booboo, Buddhists may well be told ‘Go to Nepal’. The Vatican can’t accommodate all the Catholics from even one Kerala district. Sikhs have nowhere else. Parsis? The Ayatollah brand of Iran is precisely what we fled from.

Partition, 1947. Radcliffe’s random blue pencil has been used to redraw several boundaries, but only J&K/ Ladakh during Modirajya.

Sardar Patel’s Unification of India, 1947. He is Modi’s Hero No 1. Why then am I thinking of Britishrajya’s Divide and Rule?

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Alec Smart said: “Corrupt politicians create Bei-rout and Leba-non.”

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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Written by Owais Khan

I am an Artificial intelligence engineer and data scientist.


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