Japan Folklore-Inspired Fall Fashion : evisukuro

EVISU launches its Fall/Winter 2020 collection under its EVISUKURO line full of eclectic silhouettes that are inspired by Japanese folklore. EVISU stays true to its signature design language with the drop of artisan embroidery that details the silhouettes. It is further backed up by juxtaposing designs of hi-tech pieces to bring progression to traditional design practices.

The collection celebrates a Japanese deity that goes by the name of Amenohiwashinokami. She is depicted through shrines throughout Japan as vulture incarnations to symbolize wisdom and courage. The emblem of the deity can be seen on denim pieces references by silver wings or “Vulture” in Japanese kanji in brushstrokes. A notable item in the capsule is the black puffer coat detailed with KURO branding throughout.

Image Credit: EVISU

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