Nepal submits documents to support its Lord Ram claim

(The following article, despite appearing close to reality, is fiction. Mostly. The similarities with any events in real life are purely intentional but again, it’s a work of fiction and should be read accordingly.)

NEW AYODHYA: India and Nepal have been bickering for months over the border between the two countries, with the South-Asian neighbour even promulgating a constitutional amendment claiming Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura as part of its territories.

It seems now Nepal has gone a step further. After Prime Minister Oli claiming that Lord Ram was from Nepal, the Nepalese embassy has submitted a set of documents in a sealed cover to the Supreme court.

The documents have been submitted to the Supreme court in reply to a petition filed by Shri Mahendra Sahu, in which the petitioner asks for a trial by combat to determine Lord Ram’s lineage.

Sources in the court, however, said that the judges are unhappy with the seal, as it is too tight.

“The judges are not amused by the glue used for stamping the seal. They have tried many ways to unseal it, but have failed. Some have tried to peek through the envelope by holding it against the sun, but they can’t see anything more than, ‘This document is digitally sealed as well. Don’t be over-smart.’”

“This is causing grave personal embarrassment to the judges and their children are making fun of them,” said a senior intern working for a judge on the bench.

Official sources in the Indian government have said that this is surely “a ploy to check the resilience of the Indian judicial system”.

“It’s a classic case of undermining our judiciary and of delaying the delivery of justice,” said the source.

“Talks are on in the highest echelons of the government to unhinge this impasse. We are in the final stages of commissioning an AGS(Anti-glueing squad) to assist the judiciary in getting to the bottom of it,” said another source.

On being contacted, the Nepalese embassy denied using any special glue for sealing the documents, but it did have an unusual take on the whole situation.

“See the incident proves that our glue is superior to yours. When our glue is superior to yours, why can’t you admit that our claim to Lord Ram is stronger too, like the glue? However, we are surprised by the accusations. You wanted us to provide the proof in a sealed document. We did that. Why are you blaming us? You should’ve been clear that you also wanted the judges to have a look at the documents too,” said an animated source from the embassy.

The next hearing for the case will now take place on 32nd July.

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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